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Cynicism:  Feeling cynical?  It is widely known that police officers have a high occupational risk for cynicism.  It's easy to get cynical when you are working in a job where you see the worst in people on a daily basis.  Over time this exposure can eat away at our outlook on life.  It may sound corny but one key to kicking the cynicism bug is to cultivate contentment.  Here's how...
Stress:  If you are feeling stressed (and who isn't) use these tips to do something about it.  Maybe today is the day to stop making excuses.  Click the button below to help you get a strategy in place that will work for you.
Anger Management:  It can be embarrassing to admit it but we get angry just like everyone else.  Sometimes maybe a little more angry than we would like to admit (or ever would).  There has been a lot of research on this issue and several effective methods have been devised to help us get a handle on our anger.  Anger can hurt us on the job and at home.  If you are angry there's really no excuse not to take a look at some techniques to take control of your outbursts.  Take a look and see if there's anything useful for you.