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Few  can say that they go to work on a day to day basis with a legitimate concern they might not come home as a result of doing their job.  Working in potentially life threatening environments or assisting others during life threatening events presents men and women with this concern as well as many other psychologically-based concerns not faced by the average citizen.  Stress inducing duties include dealing directly with the death of others, providing emergency medical care, assisting persons in conflict, interacting with persons who are violent, being directly involved with negative, life changing situations of citizens, or being cross-examined in court by aggressive, accusatory lawyers, etc.  Any one of the stressors indicated above would make most persons think twice about their choice of occupation.  We are faced with these stressors and many more on a continual basis over the course of an entire career or deployment(s).  Without proper training, exposure to working in an extreme, psychologically-charged environment normally results in individuals forming their own personal coping mechanisms. These ad-hoc coping mechanisms can be the underlying cause to undue stress, divorce, habitual negative behavior, depression, poor health and other conditions that could be avoided through training, knowledge and appropriate, proven coping skill acquisition.  

Website Purpose

The primary purpose of this site is to offer confidential counseling services and information-based resources to veterans and law enforcement officers who may be experiencing personal issues either directly or indirectly related to a career related to protecting the public/our freedom.  First consultation is always free of charge.